11BYBBS looks to latino gang attitude and aesthetic, along with a focus on marine and navy imagery to inform the SS16 collection.

The inspired chromatic choices of black, white, and navy underpin the collection, understanding navy as a tone of black, interpreted through semi-raw denim and black over-dyed navy garments.

Holes are a common thread throughout the collection, as an analogy to bullet hole textures. The holes are expressed in a variety of techniques including laser cut, 3D knit, and hand embroidery. Grommets are placed into the garments as a reference to marine uniforms, forming holes again where applied.

Gold embroidery is elaborated upon as a deconstructed adaptation of marine dress trimming, providing graphic textures. A two middle finger art piece represents the 11 gang sign, which is printed and perforated as a positional graphic throughout the collection.

As with every season, the fabric research is deep and thorough. Rare Japanese denim and indigo dyed fabrics feature prominently, along with a variety of technical materials, ranging from extra light to rigid, emphasize contrasting textures.

Collaborations are led by the bag collection with the German producer Ortlieb, and caps with New Era Headwear.